What is the PTA?

The PTA is a Parent Teacher Association, a charity with a mission to make the school a better place for children to learn. The PTA brings together parents, teachers and children to raise funds and strengthen the school community. Money raised is usually spent on things that the school budget does not cover.


What do the PTA do?

The PTA activity is varied. The PTA are involved in fundraising and organising social events for parents and children. We provide helpers for outings and special events and run clubs for sport, music or drama. We also organise meetings to inform parents about education issues, particularly when changes are taking place.

We feel this makes a real difference to schools and their pupils, providing extra resources and, in some cases, making it possible for activities such as school trips to happen.

If the PTA is successful we will bring together parents and teachers who are interested in supporting the school. Meetings are usually very informal with event planning and organising the main focus. The PTA tend to meet a couple of times each term with an extra meeting just before an event.


Why should I join the PTA?

There are many reasons why you should join your PTA. From making new friends and getting to know the school environment, through to helping raise much needed funds and making a difference to the children and school community. All of these things help you grow in confidence as a parent and it feels good to know you are making a difference for your children and for generations to come.


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